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The Cool Chess Set collection includes chess sets made of every kind of material. Not only is this collection diverse, it’s also high quality. The purest form of every material is chosen, this is exemplified in the selection of pewter to represent the metal category. Pewter was chosen because it sets a solid foundation for any kind of utility to be build on. To note, the majority of these sets have a sort of theme associated with them, dragons, medieval, t.v shows, etc , pewter just serves as good material to build on. The pewter sets in this section aren’t all the traditional silver/zinc color of pewter, some have been colored differently. As always, a wide range of boards is selected so you get a feel for the full capacity of pewter chess sets. Selections are also made with consideration to your budget, there are sets for those looking for luxury pewter and also sets for the average buyer, but regardless of price, they are still of exceptional quality. This collection is open for input so if you feel there is a set that would fit nicely with the ones already included, feel free to bring attention to it using the contact us link. Now without further adieu, here are the best pewter chess sets on the web!
Pewter Staunton Chess Set
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The Avant-Garde Pewter Staunton Chess Set is the perfect way to showcase the magnificence of pewter. It provides a familiar backdrop, staunton, the traditional chess piece style but with the added pieces finished off with pewter. It allows for more accurate comparison with sets made with other materials, highlighting the presence of pewter. This set is stunning to look at, the combination of pewter and gold works perfectly. The king stands at 2 ½ inches tall setting a perfect height for the board. The board which detaches to reveal a storage box underneath. Also of note is the storage box is finished off with “Cherry” wood. Overall a beautiful combination of materials making for a truly amazing chess set. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a solid pewter chess set.
Mullingar Pewter Chess Set
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This set a true pewter masterpiece, made completely of pewter, unlike the other sets in this section which were finished off with gold or silver or some other material, this set is made of pure pewter. This set is a product of the mullingar company, stationed in ireland which boast of their expert manufacturing of pewter, for anyone looking for a pure pewter chess set, you’ve found it. The pieces are about average for a chess set, standing between 3 to four inches tall. The pieces are designed in human shape with a horse for a knight. The pieces are designed in light and dark pewter set upon a wooden board. The board is the only part of the set that isn’t pewter. The board is wooden with yellow and brown squares setting the perfect setting for the remarkable pewter pieces. This set is the ideal for anyone looking for a high quality pewter chess set.
Knights Mortal Conflict Chess Set
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The Knights Mortal Conflict Chess Set brings a cast of beautifully designed pieces to the knight chess set collection. The pieces are boasted of as hand painted, rightly so because they are stunning, the king is presented with a long sword standing in very glorious fashion, with a bishop crotch on his knees grasping his sword and shield. The king stands about 2 ½ inches tall, setting the height limit for the rest of the pieces, which works very well with the 10’’ square inche boxes on the wooden board. The board is made of wood with white and brown squares, a beautiful backdrop for the high quality designer resin pieces. This set is sure to please any fan of the knight, medieval theme. This set is also reserved and stable enough to suit even those not concerned with the knight theme. It creates a serious atmosphere for any game of chess. Buyers looking for a sold pewter chess set will also love it as well.
Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Chess Set
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Another great use of pewter is the Street Fighter Chess Set. This set brings the classic series to the chess board, featuring all the beloved characters from the show. The pieces are crafted in amazing silver and pewter colored resin. They sport a unique design with only their upper bodies being attached to a felted bottom, no arms or legs. The set features Ryu as king with Chun Li as queen, with ken among others as bishop. This set brings the series to chess form perfectly, the pieces are crafted in amazing similarity to their counterparts. It also comes with an amazing board made of “smoked and sandblasted glass” perched above a storage box. The squares alternate between a grey and black tint like none you’ve ever seen, it’s very unique and beautiful to look at. This set is sure to please any fan of the series or anyone looking for a new chess experience.
3D Roman Gladiator Pewter Chess Set
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This Roman Gladiator Chess Set is a masterpiece in every aspect. Everything about this set is spectacular. Lets begin with the pieces, made of pewter with spectacular bronze and silver finish. The pieces are made to resemble the cast of the ancient roman coliseum, with the emperor as king, a gladiator riding a chariot as knight, and a lion perched about a ionic column as rook. Adding more to the spectacle is the 3D board which is made to look like a real roman coliseum. The replica is done in breathtaking detail, with four columns on the edges of the board holding up the glass chess board, below the board in the middle is the actual coliseum in all its ancient roman glory. This chess set is truly amazing to look at, it completes the gladiator illusion perfectly, no expense is spared. Even those who aren’t fans of Gladiators will still be astonished at the shere detail of this set, it is truly a work of art!
Lord of the Rings Pewter Chess Set
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The Lord of the Rings Chess Set must be a dream come true for any fan of the series and fan of chess. Now you can play with your favorite character on the chessboard, all brought to you in beautifully styled pewter. The lord of the rings chess set features Aragorn as king, Gandalf as bishop, and hobbits as pawns on one side. On the other side of the board we have sauron as king, smaug as knight, and orcs as pawns. A truly amazing cast sure to pump up any fan of the series for a game of chess. The pieces are presented on a beautiful perchwood board with yellow and brown alternating squares, the perfect setting for the battle of middle earth. This set is sure to be a hit with any fan of the series and even if you aren’t familiar with the series, it still makes for a great chess set to play on. The pieces are crafted in fine detail on a fine wooden board, a perfect setup for any game of chess.
Pewter Civil War Chess Set
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For such a great set to be made of pewter only shows the confidence that is held in pewter as a metal. The Civil War Chess set is a tribute to the strife between the North and the South during the american civil war. Owing to this backdrop, the pieces are crafted to resemble figures of the times, with abraham lincoln seated in familiar position on one side, and generals of the confederates on the other. This set is sure to be a hit with anyone familiar with the history of the civil war, and even those who aren’t, the subject matter is recognized by all even if not in great detail. This set makes for a great display piece, though also practical and able to be used for a game of chess. This set requires no explanation, it is a masterpiece, a treasure in it’s own right.
Art Deco Chess Set
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The Art Deco Chess Set brings a modern look to the pewter collection. The pieces are finished of with bronze and pewter, they resemble brown and gold. The king stands at 4 inch tall. The pieces are very unique, they resemble staunton but they have their own unique twist. They are taller, they appear stretched, with a ball in the middle to hold the top and bottom halves together, a unique design for a chess set, definitely adding to it’s value. The board is a beauty as well, a bright cherry wood board with bronze and silver squares, which doubles as a storage for the pieces. This set is truly wonderful, a beautiful combination of materials that compliment each other very well, creating a very new chess experience. The modern design of the pieces combined with the old wooden board creates a balanced atmosphere of new and old, past, present, and future, truly amazing to play on.
3D Knight Chess Set
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The 3D Knight Chess Set is a pewter gem. For starters the pieces are made with gold and silver pewter finish, with the king standing at 3 inches tall. It cannot be stressed how amazingly detailed these pieces are, even the felted bottoms. The pieces are designed to look like knights yet it’s still a diverse cast. There are some pieces carrying swords, like the king and queen, some carrying shields, even a battle axe! The board just makes it even more amazing. The board is made of glass perched above a battlefield. There are four medieval towers to hold up the glass board. Underneath the glass is an awe of a scene, with weapons of all kinds scattered all over a barren wasteland. This set is truly a masterpiece, worth way more then it’s being offered. Fans of fantasy and knights will love this board, it brings the fantasy to life in amazing fashion. Lovers of chess will also appreciate the beauty of this board, a true collectible for all.
Pewter Golf Chess Set
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Another expert use of pewter, the Pewter Golf Chess Set is a masterpiece on many levels. Not only is it designed in amazing detail using fine material, it also manages to combine two highly prestigious sports, golf and chess. The pieces stand close to 4 inches tall in very formal yet casual attire. The king is presented as a very casual looking golf player leaning back on his club, very cool, classy, subtle, the kind of behavior that is to be expected of an expert golfer or chess player. Keeping a cool head, being able to properly analyze a chess board and determine the best move to make, or the best shot to take, truly remarkable. The queen is a female golfer in a collared long sleeve dress, very fitting. Other pieces resemble more golf paraphernalia, like golf clubs and balls. Also to note is this set doesn’t come with a board which gives you to opportunity to chose any of your liking. Overall a great set for all chess players, beginner or expert.
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