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Modern Style is used as an identifier for the style of chess pieces that deviate from the traditional staunton style. This section of the website contain modern chess sets, chess sets that incorporate modern chess pieces. Selections are made by diversity, aesthetic appeal and price of set. Not only are these sets remarkable, there is range of style, basically they aren’t all minimal, there are other modern styles added as well. Modern style can be anything non traditional, although it is mostly associated with minimalism, a simpler design. Most of the sets on other parts of this website are modern chess sets. Modern can be used to identify any set with modern characteristics, like a chess rendition of a t.v show, or a certain profession, anything non staunton. Ironically modern is more associated with futuristic look, or what we associate with the future, chrome and abstract designs. Since the staunton style was created so long ago, modern style is the future. As always, there would be no point in showing you these sets if you couldn't own them, so all the chess sets in this section are also affordable, with a few pricey ones added for the luxury buyer. This collection is also open to suggestions as well, use the contact-us link to bring attention to the set you want added. Now without further adue, cool chess sets presents the best modern chess sets on the web!
Modern Mid Century Minimalist Chess Set
modern chess sets
This “Hermann Ohme” Wooden chess set exemplifies the modern minimalist style perfectly. For starters, it is made of Sheesham and Boxwood, excellent strong material. The style of the pieces are very unique, a trademark of the modern style. The knight resembles a flag pole, with the flag being blown by the wind. The design is very minimal, there is no extra design on any of the pieces, the only distinction are the head of the pieces which have all been replaced by much simpler figures, only the pawn resembles it’s staunton counterparts. There is also the unique opportunity to choose your own board for this set, seeing as one is not included with the set. Overall, a high quality modern wooden board, sure to please any fan of the modern style or any fan of chess.
Contemporary Cayro Deluxe Chess Set
modern chess sets
Another great example of the modern minimalist style, the contemporary cayro chess set is a true work of art. Everything from the pieces to the board is not only unique but also amazing. The pieces stand out immediately, although not traditional staunton, they are still easily identified, you can tell the knight from the pawn, etc, etc. The pieces are wooden, painted black and ivory. The pawns resemble mini cones, standing upright ready to do battle. The knight still resembles it’s staunton counterpart but there is a clear distinction, the king and queen follow suite but they are easily distinguished as well. More than just being different, these pieces work, they look good, they look good on the chessboard, they are beautiful. Speaking of board, this one is remarkable, it’s 3D, the squares alternate color even on the side of the board, just adding more to the magnificence of this set. This is a great board at a great price, worth every penny it’s sold for.
Man Ray Chess Set
modern chess sets
A true ode to minimalism, the Man Ray Chess Set is a masterpiece. For those unfamiliar, Man Ray is a renowned artist from the early to mid 90s era, his work span many genres of art, from painting, to photography, to fashion, he is a genius. This set is a recreation of one of his designs. The pieces are made of beechwood painted in glossy black and ivory. Truly awe inspiring to look at. The pieces of the set are meant to substitute historical and sometimes figurative objects for the traditional chess pieces. For example the king is replaced with a pyramid, a symbol of the egyptian pharaoh and the bishop a flask that represents a container for medicine. This set is a work of art rich in design and history, a true masterpiece meant to be displayed for everyone to see. Adding more to the greatness of the set is the board which continue it’s alternating pattern on it’s sides. This board is a true gem, adding to the greatness of whoever is to play on it.
Deco 79 Chess Set
modern chess sets
The Deco 79 Metal Wood Chess Set is a curious work of art. It is not strikingly modern like the rest of the sets on this list. It resembles a regular chess set. I chose it for this list because of it’s material. It is made of aluminum and steel, very “futuristic” looking material, which is associated with modernism. But what sets this set apart is those steel and aluminum parts are painted gold, so what we have here is a modern luxury piece. The pieces are painted luxury gold and platinum. You will notice the set is very glossy, very shiny, very beautiful. The pieces also have a unique design resembling staunton but there are clear differences, like the stripes on the knight. The board is also a sight for sore eyes, it is made of gold and mahogany, a beautiful combination making for an amazing board. This set is a great example of modern luxury, great to play on and great for display.
Art Deco Staunton Chess Set
modern chess sets
The Art Deco Staunton Chess set, named rightly so, puts a new spin on an old classic. It takes the traditional staunton pieces and gives it a twist, or in this case, a stretch. Yep, that’s right, the pieces of this art deco set appear stretched, with the king standing at 4 inch tall, the other pieces aren’t far behind. The pieces are made of brass, some people can’t even tell the difference between brass and gold, it’s that valuable of a material. Even though they are made of brass, the pieces are painted bronze and silver, making for a very beautiful set. The glossy black and white board makes for a great playing field. It comes with a uniquely designed pattern on the outskirts of the board, an alternating black and white square pattern, gorgeous to look at. Overall a great modern set, sure to please any admirer of the genre and make one of any who isn’t already.
Frank Lloyd Wright Midway Gardens Chess Set
modern chess sets
This set is rich in design and origin. The name Frank Lloyd Wright may have caught your attention, hes a famous american architect. The pieces of this set are designed to look like sculptures from his midway garden entertainment facility. The pieces are made of resin, one set of pieces are white with the other having a darker, slightly grey tone. The pieces are remarkable to look at, they resemble no other chess set I’ve seen. The king and queen are easily recognized, they are designed very prominently, the rook also very distinguishable. The knight and bishop are very unique, they take on different shapes, not resembling a cleric or a horse in any way. Overall a very unique set, I would recommend to any fan of fine art, a true collectors item.
Horseshoe Knight Brass Chess Set
modern chess sets
The Horseshoe Knight Brass Chess Set is a modern luxury chess set. This set is of the highest quality, not only is it unique, it’s also made of very high quality material, not to mention that it’s imported from italy! only adding to it’s immense value. The pieces are made of brass, you would think it was gold if I hadn’t told you, Brass and Nickel plated to be exact. These are very tiny pieces, they resemble bullets, the king is a little below 3 inches, with the queen around the same. As stated earlier, these are very uniquely designed pieces, they look like bullets, with the horseshoe knight being the hallmark of the set. It really takes a unique angle on the knight piece. It is able to create excitement without seeming too foreign. It’s truly genius. A uniquely designed modern set that resemble gold and silver. I highly recommend to all beginners and experts alike.
Stoneware Ceramic Chess Set
modern chess sets
The ceramic chess set is one of unique makeup, pushing the boundaries of chess pieces, truly earning it’s spot as a modern chess set. For starters, the pieces are completely handmade, entirely of clay. They have been painted black and white like most chess pieces are but their design is very different. The most striking feature are the square bottoms which fit the square of the chess board exactly, very unique and beautiful to look at. Next are the pieces which all have a unique design different from the traditional staunton pieces. They are very simple, seeing as they are handmade, yet remarkable giving that handicap. The board is also handmade of clay, it’s brown, with the squares painted black, it alternates between black and brown. A truly one of a kind chess set, fit for display and play.
King Kong Deluxe Chess Set
modern chess sets
The mighty kong comes to chess form in grand detail. This chess set is a remarkable rendition of the film, everything from the board to the pieces is awe inspiring. Lets begin with the pieces which are modeled after characters from the film. On the side of kong, we have the ape himself in all his terrifying detail beating his chest. Even more striking are his fellow chessmen which include dinosaurs and crazy island natives. On the other side, we have the beautiful Ann Darrow as the queen, with planes and skyscrapers as knights and rooks. Once again, a truly remarkable cast. The board is even more amazing, resembling the landscape of the movie, new york city and skull island. This set is a gem, a prize to be owned by anyone not only fans of the film.
Masked Hand Decorated Chess Set
modern chess sets
A remarkable chess set rich in design, the masked chess set has something for everyone. Apart from just looking great, the mask chess set is also practical, some chess sets let their design distract from the game, this set enhances the game. For starters the pieces are hand crafted from wood, painted stunning ivory and brown, beautiful to look at. They resemble tiki masks, well medieval tiki masks. The pieces resemble bobbleheads on chess bottoms, which works very well, they bring a new design, adding excitement to the game. The design is also extremely well done, very well executed, very clean, perfect wouldn’t be far off. All of this is presented on a light wooden chess board that really accentuates the pieces. This is one of those chess boards that fit every need; luxury, practicality, decorative, appealing to both beginners and experts alike.
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