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This section of the website is a bit different from the rest, instead of focusing on sets as a whole, we will be focusing on their boards. More specifically leather chess boards and it’s counterparts, this includes leatherette and faux leather. This is an effort to introduce you to something new. Leather has always been prominent material used to make a myriad of items. The value of leather is immense, there are luxury items made of leather that sell for millions of dollars. Leather is also very durable, as you can imagine those are all very good reasons why chess boards are also made of leather. Very fine ones I might add as you’ll see shortly. There are a few chess sets on this site that lack a board, this may be a good place to find one. Of Course these aren't just any leather chess sets, these are the best leather chess sets on the net. They are also very affordable as well. Irregardless of your budget, you will be able to find a board, boards of all price ranges are included, from luxury to cheap. And this list is open to suggestions, so if you have a set you think would fit nicely what what is already here, shoot us an email with the link to it. Now brace yourself for the best leather chess sets on the web, enjoy.
Green And Gold Leather Board
leather chess sets
As you can see from the photo this board is absolutely stunning. The italfama green and gold leatherette board is a sight for sore eyes. First off this is leatherette, imitation leather, made of cloth. The 2 inch squares allows for the acceptance of chess pieces up to 4 inch tall, basically any chess set. The color selection is also just beautiful. Green and Gold make for an amazing combination. Gold has always been a symbol of luxury and affluence, it just enhances anything it’s associated with, in this case this chess board. Green is also an amazing color, very generic, we are use to seeing it around us every day, in the trees, the bushes the leaves. It’s a soothing reminder of nature. Combining it with gold just creates a beautiful atmosphere, like the garden of a castle. The perfect location for a game of chess. The floral patterns on the outskirts of the board only completes the illusion, this is truly a remarkable board, one fit for a king!
Red And Gold Chess Set
leather chess sets
Another imitation leather chess board, the Italfama Red and gold Leatherette chess set is a gem. The squares are spaced 1.75 inches allowing for the accommodation of a wide range of pieces. The red and gold board makes for an amazing combination. Gold is always associated with grandiosity, this case is no difference, it sets a rich mood for the table. Red has always been a color associated with passion and rage, it intensifies the mood, which is embodied in this board. The combination creates for a superb battlefield for a rousing game of chess. This board also has a simple lined pattern on the outskirts of the board, it continues the gold with red stripes, it’s a great addition to the board, only adding more to it’s value. Overall a solid board that can be used with a myriad of pieces, highly recommended.
Black and Gold Leather Chess Board
leather chess sets
Worldwise imports presents their Black and Gold Pressed Leather Board, an extravagant work of art. The fact that it can be played on is really a dream come true. First the technical details, the squares on the board are 1.75 inches wide, this allows for a wide selection of pieces, most chess pieces are around this same size. What is striking about this board is the color, black and gold makes for a unique and amazing combination. The power of gold is ever prominent, it’s symbol of luxury blesses everything it touches as this board exemplifies. The combination of black only grounds the design, black is a very neutral, stable color, creating for a high end design. This is a beautiful board that would fit well with any chess set.
Burgundy and Gold Leather Chessboard
leather chess sets
Not to be confused with the earlier board on this list, this is another worldwise imports gem, the pressed burgundy and gold leather board is a beauty. The squares are exactly 2 inches wide making for the accommodation of a wide selection of pieces. The addition of burgundy to gold really accentuates this board, like a blonde woman in a beautiful red dress, it’s fiery, gorgeous to look at, this board stirs the heart. As always, gold delivers, it adds a shine to everything it’s a part of, it’s a sign of extravagance. The floral patterns on side of the board only adds more to its magnificence. It takes a very simple design, the square pattern, and complicates it, making for a beautiful combination. A truly remarkable board, to accommodate an amazing chess set.
Genuine Leather Chest Chess Board
leather chess sets
This board is an absolute miracle. Made of one hundred percent real leather, set atop a chest for piece storage, the perfect chess board. Firstly the squares are 1.5 inches wide, a decent side, able to accommodate a wide range of chess pieces. What sets this board apart is it’s material, faux leather is not is strong as real leather, though pretty it’s known to be weak. Real leather is tough and durable, this board is sure to last. It also has a very strong combination of colors, gold and brown. Gold needs no introduction, it’s a color recognized by all for it’s beauty and elegance. Brown is also a familiar color, associated with the earth, it’s a very natural color, we see it in around use in wooden appliances every day. The combination of gold and brown creates a high end board, something of a mansion of which to store chess pieces. Overall, very strong, beautiful board, made of amazing material, highly recommended.
Roll-Up Travel Chess Set
leather chess sets
This Roll-up travel chess set is an all in one, jack of all trades type set. It accommodates many situations, it’s meant to move a lot, made for travel, and it also doubles as a checkers set. It comes with a very unique design, the chess symbols are painted black and white onto checker like pieces, a unique design for a chess set. The board is just is remarkable as the pieces, made of hand-sewn leather, absolutely beautiful to look at. This set is one of those that's not just beautiful but efficient as well. The black and white board on grey makes for a great color combination. The ability to roll up the board for easy travel is amazing. It also comes with a storage pouch within the board, really remarkable stuff. Overall a gem of a chess set, recommended for anyone who wants to play chess on the go.
Large Metal Staunton On Leather Chess Set
leather chess sets
This is an opportunity to see what one of these leather boards look like with a chess set, and it’s absolutely remarkable. The Large Staunton Chess Set is a beautiful combination of material. The pieces are remarkable in their own right, staunton pieces are usually smaller, this one comes with a 4 inch king, one of the tallest chess pieces. The pieces are also uniquely designed with lined patterns that fit the patterned board very well. This are heavy pieces, which make for good weight when moving on the board, overall this set weighs 16 pounds! The board makes for a great setting. The burgundy red and gold chess board introduced earlier on this list comes with this set, an amazing combination i must add, they really compliment each other. There is really nothing left to add, the images speak volumes.
Samurai Chess Set
leather chess sets
Tom Cruise, the last samurai, one of the greatest american renditions of asian samurai culture, this board is another. It comes with wonderfully detailed pieces in orange and blue. Of Course the pieces resemble samurais and other figures of the time, done amazingly well I might add. No expense is held on detail, even the horses are a different colors than the chessmen riding them. The pieces are easily distinguishable, standing on felted bottoms with floral patterns. This is a really beautiful set. The board only adds to it’s magnificence. The black and white color board fits very well with the orange and blue pieces. Of Course the board is made of faux leather, amazing material for a chess set. This is a great set on a leather board, great for display and play.
Monaco Deluxe Chess Set
leather chess sets
Unique, Amazing, a work of art, the monaco Deluxe chess set is in a league of it’s own. The first striking detail is it’s design, one of a kind, the center circular region has a very beautiful stripe pattern. The chess pieces are pretty big as well, the king stands at 5 inch tall! Made of wood with a maple/walnut finish, it’s really a beautiful sight. The pieces are are also of brown and caramel complexion. Adding more to the magnificence of this set is the board. Crafted in italy, the beautiful Giorgio faux leather chess board, black and mahogany, remarkable. A great setting for the chessmen to do battle, no other board would fit this set as well. This piece and board combination is perfect. This is a professional chess set that can be used by anyone, beginner or expert, for any reason, for decoration or for war.
Sorcerer Resin Chess Set
leather chess sets
The sorcerer resin men chess set is an amazing set on an even more amazing board. For beginners the chessmen are modeled after the medival, the fantasy. The chessmen are wizards, kings and queens, dress accordingly in amazing detail. The king stands at 3.25 inches tall with this long beard and his golden crown with his queen at his side. The wizard knight comes equipped with a long robe and a staff, his craft unmistakable. Even more amazing than the pieces is the unique chessboard. First off is the combination of colors which is just remarkable, gold and blue! An amazing combination, gold has a way of making anything it’s associated with great and this board is no exception. What is even more amazing is it’s pairing with blue, a rather unusual combination but it works entirely, the pair is beautiful to look at. Even more amazing is the design on the outskirts of the board, a one of a kind pattern, absolutely beautiful. This is a truly amazing set fit to please any admirer of the genre and everyone else.
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