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When putting together cool chess sets i wanted it to be unique. I wanted to create a collection that couldn’t be found anywhere else, to do that I need chess sets that can’t be found anywhere else, but I don’t only want unique sets, they have to be good quality as well, so where other sites have plain white chess sets, I have ivory. Ivory is a simple yet exceptional color. It turns the most ordinary chess set extraordinary. It carriers a subtle shine that just illuminates any chess board. Ivory is plain white with a small yellow tint but that tint makes all the difference as you’re about to see. The chess sets in this section are made with a myriad of materials, from plastic to wood, but one thing they have in common is an ivory finish. As usual I try to include a diverse range of boards so you get a full visual of ivory chess sets. I also make sure there’s a board for every budget, from luxury to cheap. Most importantly I spare no expense on quality, I only choose the most beautiful boards made with the best materials. I’m so confident in my selections I encourage anyone to contact me if they can find a better product based on quality and affordability. I’ve gone on long enough, I now present to you the best ivory chess sets on the web!
Zukert Red And Ivory Chess Set
ivory chess sets
The zukert red and ivory chess set is a gem of a set, rich in presentation and history. For starters the set is named after the late grandmaster Johannes Zukertort and made in the old world style. This set is made of plastic which in no way takes away from it’s magnificence. The king stands a little over 4 inches, these are relatively tall chess pieces. Of course the trademark of this section is that the pieces are ivory, but this set is made even more unique because it contains red chess pieces as well. Red and ivory makes for a beautiful combination, making this basic plastic set stand out from others of it’s kind. The set does not come with a board which gives you the opportunity to choose any of your liking. Combined with the very affordable price tag of $40, this set is a steal valued at way less than its worth. It’s also a great set that really shows the beauty of ivory, I highly recommend it.
German Knight Chess Set
ivory chess sets
Another great ivory chess set at a very affordable price. The german knight chess set named accordingly because the pieces are made in the german style, you will notice the knight has a very unique look not to be confused with staunton. The pieces are made of fine wood with a glossy polished look. The king stands a little below 3 inches tall, fitting very well with the other pieces. The color of the pieces are ivory and brown, which compliment each other very well, a beautiful combination. What makes this set unique is its board which apart from being made with the same remarkable material as the pieces, ivory and brown dark wood, comes with alpha numeric markings on the side. A very unique and tasteful addition that really sets this set apart from others of its kind, definitely winning the selection. Made even more desirable by it’s very affordable price, considering it’s very rich makeup, this board has everything, class and style, a worthy set for beginners and experts alike.
16 inch Garden Chess Set in Black And Ivory
ivory chess sets
This set is very unique seeing that the king stands over 16 inches tall, it’s definitely worthy of it’s own category but I’ll put it here since it is ivory, and still a great set. As the name implies, this set could be placed in the back yard, the garden or a separate “chess room”. Definitely a dream come true for any fan of chess who have every wanted to play on a giant chess board. Speaking of which, this set also comes with a giant nylon chess board. The pieces are black and ivory, two very traditional colors for chess pieces, certainly a wise selection giving it’s size, the colors help ground the set, making it practical. The pieces are made of plastic with uv coating, and surprisingly very light, the total weight of the chess set is only 26 pounds! This set is a great way to bring some excitement back into the game for old chess players and an overall awesome set for all chess players.
Harry Potter Themed Chess Set
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Crafted by the famous isle of lewis, this set is made to resemble the same chess set harry played on in the movie “harry potter and the sorcerer's stone”. Apart from having ivory pieces, fans of harry potter will love this set as well for obvious reasons. The pieces are very well designed in very close detail, the king stands a little below 4 inches tall. I personally enjoy the pieces, they appear to have expressions, very comedic ones at that. Adding more value to this set is the rook which features the famous Berserker warrior biting his shield. Overall a very entertaining cast of pieces crafted in stone. The brown and ivory finish is truly remarkable, making for a beautiful set. A chess board is not included with the set, giving you, if you choose to buy this set, the amazing opportunity to purchase any one of your liking, using any criteria you so desire, which to me makes this set even more valuable. This set has something for everyone, even those who aren’t harry potter fans, the pieces are aesthetically appealing to anyone, and all at a very affordable price.
Calvert Faux Ivory Chess Set
ivory chess sets
A product of the famed house of staunton, the calvert faux ivory chess set is a masterpiece for beginners and experts alike. To begin with the pieces are colored red and “faux ivory” which they boast is even better than “real ivory”. The pieces are remarkable to look at, like no other chess set you have ever seen. This set takes staunton to a whole new level, the king is completely remodeled, the bottoms are wider than any other chess set i’ve seen, creating the base for the beautifully designed pieces. A true masterpiece of the house of staunton. The board only compliments the greatness of the pieces, made of wood perched above a cupboard for easy storage of pieces. Ivory and wood texture patterns on the board only heightens the pieces. A true work of art, fit for decoration and play.
Chinese Qin dynasty Chess Set
ivory chess sets
Modeled after the first imperial chinese dynasty, the Qin chess set is rich in design and history. The pieces are brown and Ivory polystone, designed in amazing detail. They are modeled after characters of the time, the emperor of course, worriers, and a true tribute to the times, the rook is modeled after the great wall of china which was erected during that era. The king stands a little over 4 inches tall in all his imperial glory, the detail is truly mesmerizing. The board only completes the masterpiece, made of dark wood with inlay borders and rounded corners, a perfect stage for the pieces. This set is a masterpiece that appeals to anyone, especially those interested in chinese culture. Even those who aren’t can still enjoy the art. It brings a different cast to the chessboard which is always a good way to add some new flame to an old game.
Calvert Antique Reproduction Chess Set
ivory chess sets
This set is a masterpiece in chess craftsmanship. First of notice is the unique design which dates back to the 1700s, named after the craftsman who's credited with it’s creation, John Calvert. The kings stand over 4 inches in finely polished black and ivory boxwood, claiming their command over the other pieces. This set highlights the beauty of ivory perfectly, the glossy ivory pieces compliment the black like no other color would be able to. The unique design of the pieces really sets this chess set apart, not only are they different, they are beautiful, a rarity in chess. The black and ivory colors only add to the greatness of this masterpiece because it presents it as a basic set until further inspection of the pieces reveal otherwise. Overall a very classy chess set with rich history, truly fit for a king or an expert. Made even better is the fact that this set does not come with a board, which gives you the opportunity to pick any board of your liking to complete this masterpiece, a chance to make your own mark on history and here you thought you were just buying a chess set.
Wizard of Oz Theme Chess Set
ivory chess sets
The wizard of Oz is an american classic enjoyed by millions even billions around the world. It is really a dream come true to have such an iconic film made into a chess set, and one done in fine detail as well. The wizard of oz chess set comes with pieces in antique ivory and brown made with ground stone and felted bottoms, crafted in fine detail with a king standing a little over 4 inches tall. Fans of the movie will love this chess set which comes with their favorite characters in familiar positions. The cowardly lion haven proven himself have been raised to king of the ivory pieces, with dorothy as his queen, and the scarecrow and tin man by their side. On the other side of the board we see such characters as the wicked witch of the west and the kalidah, a beast with the body of a bear and head of a tiger. I can not stress how wonderfully detailed these pieces are, it gives such life and character to the pieces, truly bringing them to life. The set does not come with a board, which gives you the opportunity pick one of your own. This set is a true masterpiece whether you are a fan of the movie or a fan of chess.
Alabaster Chess Set with White Frame
ivory chess sets
Another gem of a chess set, the alabaster chess set with white frame comes with a blue and ivory cast, a unique combination, first I’ve seen. First off blue and Ivory alabaster makes for a beautiful set of pieces, the alabaster shines like marble, making for a mixed blue, more exciting than just plain blue. Ivory as always delivers, resembling glowing candlelight, truly beautiful set of pieces. the king stands 3 inches tall, another unique mark of this board is the knight is slightly taller than the bishop, a rare occurrence, the bishop usually stands taller. The pieces are presented on a even more beautiful blue and white board resembling marble made even more unique by it’s clear white frame. This set is a gem in it’s own right, it’s unique combination of colors and material makes it a masterpiece among chess sets, worthy of decoration and play.
Traditional Staunton Chess Set
ivory chess sets
A new take on the traditional staunton style, this wooden staunton chess set is a gem in it’s own right. The pieces are made of solid wood with a stained finish. The pieces are not completely uniform, they appear different shades throughout which only adds to it’s greatness. The design is beautiful to look at, the big circular eyes of the knight gives it a look unique to staunton pieces, a trademark of this set that sets it apart from others. The king stands about 3.5 inches setting a good maximum for the rest of the pieces. This set although new in design also has an old look like old wooden furniture, all adding to its magnificence and uniqueness. The set comes with no board which gives you the opportunity to pick any you see fit. Overall a unique take on an original style at a great price, I highly recommend it.
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