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A collection of the best chess sets would not be complete without gold chess sets. Gold has been a symbol of luxury and status since the beginning of time, whether it be the shine of the material or its resemblance to the sun, gold is a symbol of beauty and power. Surely I can understand why one would want to own or play on a board of gold. This section of the website contains chess sets, pieces, and boards made partially of gold, some may be painted but the point is they resemble gold. I could not find a set that was completely gold, there was always the inclusion of some other metal. The best was gold/silver plated or brass. Sticking with my theme of value and affordability, these sets are not only beautiful and rich in material, they’re also affordable, or as “affordable” as gold can be. With the exception of a few boards in the thousand range, the majority are below a thousand, but surely a small price to pay for material so valuable. These sets are from all over the globe, some manufactured in europe, others in the far east or west, all gathered in this location just for you. Chess has always been a game of class and sophistication, as such I seek to make my collection worthy of individuals with such assumed fine taste. I hope the sets are to your liking, and if you have any faults or suggestions with my selection, please use the contact us link to bring it to my attention. Thank you for your time, now enjoy the finest in gold chess sets there is on the net!
Gold and Silver Staunton
gold chess sets
There is something to be said of recognition and officiality. The staunton chess piece design is recognized as the standard at chess tournaments and everywhere else, whether it be on a desktop or a plastic chess set. The staunton design is the basic design for chess sets, as such there is a type of elegance or style associated with seeing it in gold. It exemplifies the power of gold perfectly, to put a gold staunton set next to a regular one. It sets a recognizable measurement for luxury. The pieces of this set stand in the range of 2 inches with the 3 inch king being the tallest. The pieces are made of zinc with a gold and silver finish. There is no chess board included, which allows you to pick any of your liking. A great set for beginners and veterans who recognize it’s elegance. Others may learn to play chess with a regular staunton set but you will learn on one made of gold!
24K Gold Mancini Luxury Chess Set
gold chess sets
This set is the epitome of affordable luxury gold chess sets. Sure the price tag of $1,900 is pretty high but the set is well worth it. It contains more gold than any other set on this list. The only other sets on the web that contain more gold than this one are those that are worth half a million and above. This is the epitome of affordable luxury.This set is crafted and imported from italy. The pieces are made in the traditional staunton style, the original chess shapes, with the king standing at 5 inches tall. The pieces are a true artistic masterpiece, they are crafted with wood in the middle, brass up top, finished off with gold and silver plating. The board is made of glossy maple and Briarwood, giving it a fine and unique shine. For anyone looking for the best gold chess set, this would be for you.
Gold And Silver Floral Staunton Chess Set
gold chess sets
This set is an example of affordable luxury. The pieces are made of brass, with gold and silver covering which is pretty decent for a gold set. Most have this same type of makeup, they are usually pewter, brass or some other type of metal at their core, this set is no different. What sets this set apart from other gold sets are it’s floral patterns. The pieces are all designed with a floral pattern on their outskirts, it’s beautiful and adds a distinction to the set. The pieces are traditional, they resemble basic staunton chess pieces but once again the floral design sets it apart. It gives the pieces a type of finesse, a unique design, a mark that sets it apart from the rest. A decent chess set for any fan of gold.
Gold/Silver Star Wars Chess Set
gold chess sets
Star wars makes another appearance on my list with this gold set. As can be expected of a star wars set, the pieces are modeled after characters from the star wars saga, universe, or world. Darth vader and other sith lords are on one side of the board with their sith troopers as pawns and on the other side we have han solo, boba fett and other notable characters with the stormtroopers as their pawns. The board is also modeled after the death star with glass at the top. A true dream come true for any star wars fan who's also a chess player. But what sets this set apart is the pieces, although pewter, they are finished off with gold and silver, a true sign of luxury. Not only is this set attractive to star wars fans, it’s valuable to any admirer of fine material. Like every other set on this list, this board is a masterpiece!
Renaissance Chess Set
gold chess sets
The renaissance, a time of great intellectual growth in europe, during the renaissance we saw such great changes in thinking like the development of humanism and the invention of printing, a truly great backdrop for a chess set, which also inspires growth in thought. This set is a sight to behold, the pieces are beautifully designed with the king standing close to 5.5 inches tall, pretty high for a chess set. The pieces also have a unique design, shaped like people but still resembling their simpler staunton counterparts. They are amplified by the glossy grey ivory briar board, a spectacle to play on. To top it off the pieces are finished with gold and silver, a true mark of luxury. This set is magnificent in many regards, the name, to be associated with the renaissance is a true honor and to be adorned by such fine materials as silver and gold, truly mesmerizing, the briar wood board only completes the illusion, a dream come true.
Medieval Times Crusades Chess Set
gold chess sets
For those unfamiliar with their history, the crusades were a time in the middle ages 1095, where the christians overtook jerusalem from the muslims, a great piece of history, which makes for an even greater chess set. This set is beautiful to look at, the pieces are crafted in exquisite detail, it even features the knight adorned on a horse, beautiful. The pieces range between 3 to 4 inches tall on felted bottoms, the detail is very rich on this set, there are many lines and patterns on every part of the figure, which are modeled after real human beings. And best of all, the mark of this section is that the pieces are gold and silver plated, accentuating its beauty. Unfortunately this set does not come with a board which leaves you with the opportunity to find any board of your liking. But overall a truly great set with beautifully designed pieces.
Law Chess Set
gold chess sets
This gold masterpiece brings many qualities to the table. The law chess set is made to resemble a courtroom, with a cast that substitutes a judge for a king and a lady justice for a queen. It sports a very unique board that inclines upward like staircases toward the end, designed to look like a jury box. Adding more to its value, this set comes with the option to add a personalized bronze plating that can be engraved with anything the buyer desires. And ofcourse the pieces are painted with bronze and more importantly gold. Being painted takes nothing away from the value of this board, one would not be able to determine its underlying resin makeup unless told. This board looks and feels like real gold. Its theme of law only adds to its greatness, a true masterpiece for any individual of class and elegance. To own a board designed after the backbone of society, the law, and to have that backbone be made of gold, that’s the meaning of sophistication, this chess set is a true work of art!
Fantasy Pewter Chess Set
gold chess sets
This fantasy pewter chess set brings a different feel to the luxury landscape. This set features pieces that are modeled after sorcerers, wizards, and warlocks. The set is made of pewter but it has a gold and silver finish, which is why it’s on this list. The pieces are made with careful attention to detail, they are modeled after human beings or wizards to be exact. The king is 3.25 inches high and the board is made of wood and leather. It’s a fine board with gold a black squares and beautiful design surrounding the edges. Adding to the finesse of the set, the pieces are ornated with diamond like gems, creating a bright atmosphere. A great set for not only fans of luxury but fans of fantasy as well.
Gold Egyptian Chess Set
gold chess sets
The Egyptians have always had an air of elegance and luxury associated with their civilization. They are praised for their pyramids and hieroglyphics, and if you are a fan of their culture, you may be delighted to know they have their own chess set. The Egyptian Chess set is made of pewter with gold finish. The pieces are modeled, as you would expect, after egyptian pharaohs, their queens and cats. The pieces are made in fine detail, they stand at 3 inch tall in exceptionally glossy gold and fine pewter with felted bottoms. This set has extremely fine detail, it appeals to not only admirers of luxury but those fascinated with the egyptian culture as well. It’s a beautiful set that can be played by anyone, a new experience for even the most seasoned chess player.
Purling “Bold” Gold Chess Set
gold chess sets
This last set is a traditional staunton with a twist, it’s part of the purling company’s “bold” chess campaign where they put a new spin on the classic staunton style by changing the color of the pieces. This time they have combined gold and black, which creates for a beautiful combination. The pieces are made of boxwood, with a gold metallic finish which creates glossy pieces with a keen shine. The board is classic maple wood. The board overall has a very simple look, classic black and white squares but it’s all done with very fine material, recognizable to true connoisseurs of quality. A true classic for any lover of chess.
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