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The transparent crystal, reminiscent of ice and diamonds, surely one of the most sought after materials on this earth. As to be expected, crystal chess sets are among the most beautiful chess sets in the chess arena and you’re in for a treat because this section of the web site is completely dedicated to crystal sets. As usual I make sure to include a diverse range of boards so you get a full idea of the types of crystal sets out there. I also include a manageable price range of boards. I include a few for the luxury board hunters and a few boards for the average buyer, basically there's a board for every budget. Crystal includes glass and any other transparent material used to make chess sets, this includes sets from plastic to diamonds. You may think it difficult to differentiate between crystal sets because of the similarity in material but that's not the case, there is a diverse range of crystal chess sets and I intend to show you that range. The name of this site is no gimmick, what you’re about to view really is the best crystal chess sets on the web, enjoy and as always i encourage you to shoot me an email with any board suggestions!
Lenox Hill Crystal Set
crystal chess sets
This first chess set is a true testament to the beauty of crystal chess sets. To begin with the pieces are made of black and white crystal, crafted in the modern style. The pieces are amazing to look at, the clear pieces resemble diamonds, the little balls sitting on top the pawns are like disco balls illuminating the board. There is even a shine to the black pieces. This set takes a bland and boring color like black and makes it exciting! Overall these are small pieces, they sit around 2 inches tall, fitting the board perfectly. Speaking of board, this one is actually made of mirror glass, you can see the pieces in it, mirror and frosted glass to be exact. This set is a true masterpiece sure to light up any setting.
Amaterasu Crystal And Frost All Glass Chess Set
crystal chess sets
This set is made completely of glass or crystal, everything, from the board to the pieces. To start of the pieces are made of clear and frosted glass, they are a little over 2 inches tall, designed in the traditional staunton style with felted bottoms. The board follows the same pattern of clear glass and frost, that’s the color of it’s squares. This is the perfect chess set for any fan of crystal or glass, or crystal “purist”, those who don’t want any meddling with the material. It also comes at a very affordable price, $75 , which reinforces confidence in the material, this isn’t just plastic you can buy at the dollar story, this is real crystal at a great price, one of the best boards on this site.
Elegant Glass Chess and Checker Set
crystal chess sets
I want to include all the types of crystal boards, that’s why even though this board is extremely cheap, it’s on the list, don’t let the price deter you, this is still a valuable set. The pieces are completely made of crystal, frosted black and white crystal, a very unique combination. Usually these two colors are opposite clear crystal but today they get their own board. The kings stand over 2 inches tall with the pawns a little above 1 inch. The pieces are designed in the traditional staunton style. The board is made of crystal as well, the squares alternate between clear and frosted. Overall a great chess set that brings diversity to my collection.
Gold And Silver Crystal Chess Set
crystal chess sets
This set is a amazing illustration of the beauty of crystal. The pieces are gold and silver plated with silver felted bottoms, still carrying the shine and gloss of crystal, magnificent to look at. Gold has always been iconic material, combining it with the beauty of crystal is just amazing, it creates a whole new caliber of design. The pieces stand over 3 inches tall, close to 4. The board is also a masterpiece, made of crystal, with black white squares. What sets this board apart from others is the slanted design along the sides, it also incorporates a type of cut lined pattern, beautiful to look at, just adding more to the magnificence of the set. This set is a true masterpiece, it has something for everyone, gold for those who appreciate luxury, crystal for those who enjoy raw beauty, all brought together with impeccable design, worth way more than the $430 price tag.
Swarovski Crystal Chess Set
crystal chess sets
The swarovski crystal chess set is a luxury crystal chess set with a modern design. Everything about this set is unique, from the pieces to the board. For starters the pieces are made of finest jet black and clear crystal, beautiful to look at, they shine like diamonds! The pieces stand over 3 inches tall with the 4 inch king being the tallest. They are crafted with a triangular cone shape at the base with a ball at the top, a breakthrough in chess design. The board is made of clear and frosted glass, also beautiful to look at, it comes with chipped edges, the only board of it’s kind I’ve seen so far. This set is a true masterpiece of modern chess, a gem for any admirer of fine art.
Regular Crystal Chess Set
crystal chess sets
This set is similar to the complete crystal clear and frost set, this too is made completely of glass. The pieces are designed in the traditional staunton style, white is replaced with clear crystal and black is played by frosted crystal. The pieces are about 3 inches tall in all their clear glory ready to do battle. The board is pure glass with clear and frosted squares, grade a, it compliments the pieces very well. Overall this is a solid set for anyone looking for a compact crystal chess set, it’s almost identical to the second chess set on this list but it comes at an even better price, I would get this one instead and keep some money in my pockets.
Canal Street Glass Chess Set
crystal chess sets
The canal street glass chess set is a great glass chess set with many unique features at a very affordable price. The usual cast of clear crystal pieces is replaced with frosted ones on the white side, the black side remains black. The kings stand at 3 inches tall with the pawns somewhere between 1.5 and 1 inch. This set is subtle about it’s charm, a frosted and black cast really is something unique for a chess set, which is essentiated even more by the frost and mirror board. It brings a whole new feeling to play on a mirror board, the reflective surface really focuses the game. Overall a great set at an even greater price, for $34 you get a unique chess set with style and shine, there’s nothing better!
Elegant New Solid Chess Set
crystal chess sets
As the name suggests, this elegant glass chess set is indeed elegant. The clear and frosted glass pieces match the clear and frosted glass board, making for a very “elegant” design. Everything about this set is amazing, it looks great, it feels great, it comes at a great price, and it’s crystal! there can be nothing better. The pieces are between 2 to 3 inches tall, they fit the 25 by 25 inch board perfectly. Clear glass and frost make for a great pair, they create a very clean, calm atmosphere making for a very “elegant” setting. A great chess set for any lover of crystal and any lover of chess or just anyone looking for a solid chess set at a great price, this one is for you, enjoy!
Shot Glass Chess Set
crystal chess sets
This chess set is one of extraordinary intrigue, the pieces are painted unto shot glasses. Firstly they are painted frosted and black onto the glasses. This set also comes with playing cards and checker pieces, it’s sold as a 3 in 1 game set. Obviously this set seeks to turn chess into a drinking game, although unorthodox this concept isn’t altogether absurd. It’s safe to assume that many people who play chess also drink, for those of us who enjoy alcohol this may be a fun new twist on chess. I would assume that chess on this board is played where users would have to drink when their piece is captured and when the king is captured the player would have to take all the remaining shots. Compared to the other sets on this list this one seems a bit out of place but even shot glasses are still glass so it still fits in and who knows? it could be a fun twist on chess, I encourage everyone to give it a try.
Crystal Glow In The Dark Chess Set
crystal chess sets
I reviewed another glow in the dark chess set elsewhere on this site, this one is similar with some slight changes. For starters, all the LED magic is made possible by the “high tech” board which is powered by 4 AA batteries or an included power adapter. The board is about 16 by 16 with black and grey squares, a unique combination for a chess set. Now to the main attraction, the light up pieces, to note, they only light up when near the board. They are in the traditional staunton style, about average height, 4 inch king, in what looks like frosted glass. The white pieces are replaced with blue light up pieces and the blacks are replaced with red light up pieces, clearly identified and very cool to play with. So there you have it, crystal glow in the dark chess set, an exciting new chess experience for you to enjoy!
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