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About the site is a collection of the best chesss sets on the web curated from chess websites all over the web. All the sets have been categorized based on their material make-up. Best Chess Sets is unique in its selection, the categories of chess sets on bcs are a bit unique and/or obscure. More well known sets, like wood and plastic are excluded from the bcs collection because they can be found anywhere on the web. Best chess sets is a collection of a more rare material chess makeup. The bcs collection is also open to input so feel free to send an email vai the "contact us" link if you have any input.
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Hi I'm Dave, David Sheetz for formalities, I'm a web programmer and designer from the ohio area in the united states of America. I'm 23 years of age. Former student at the Ohio University in Athens Ohio. I started playing chess when I was very young so when I started making websites I decided to make a site about it. I hope you like it and if you which to contact me. My business email is
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