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Welcome to, home of the best chess sets on the web. Chess improves thought as such best chess set is a way of advocating for a smarter world. The beautiful and amazing chess sets found on this site are meant to be an exciting introduction for those who aren't already chess enthusiast. More than just a game, these chess sets are a work of art, valuable to anyone, even those unfamiliar with the rules of the game. Apart from being a gateway for new chess players, best chess sets is also for seasoned veterans or those not so seasoned, basically anyone involved in the game of chess. Best chess sets has something for everyone, you don't need to be a beginner or expert to appreciate these sets. includes a diverse collection of boards, from glass to pewter, to wood, even gold chess sets! In hope of sharing the mental gift of chess, not only are these chess sets beautiful, they are also affordable, there would be no point if you couldn't affoard the sets. You may be astounded at how cheap some of these sets are. These sets have been scoured from all over the web so you don't have to waste your time doing so. Best chess sets also includes a list of chess sites from from all over the web to help in your chess endouvers. All the best chess sets are right here on this site and if you feel otherwise you can send an email via the contact-us link with your concern and/or set recommendations, otherwise enjoy! *ps-click an image to see more pictures of that set
Gods Of Greek Mythology Chess Set
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This set is one of very popular context, Greek Mythology. This set is modeled after the gods of greek mythology: zeus, hades, apollo, harmes and many others. The pieces are made with natural stone adorned by a polished wooden board, pieces range from 6-1/2 to 3 inches tall, crafted in fine detaily by the very skilled artisans of the toscano company, in fact, they were originally crafted individually. This set is truly amazing for not only chess fans but fans of greek mythology as well. It brings the feeling of the tales to life. It goes beyond books and movies, there is a surreal feeling associated with this set, a godly one, there are those who say it doesn't matter what set you play with, it's still just chess, but I assure you my friend, they have never played with Gods!
LEGO Chess Set
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This set may look familiar if you grew up with legos as a kid or still collect legos now. As with any other lego set, this chess set also require you to assemble the pieces manually, you not only get the fun of playing chess but the assembly of legos as well! the pieces are standard lego size, about 3 inches tall, they come with an assortment of figures, a lego king, lego knight, and so forth. The board is also made of lego, which adds a unique quality to the board, the figures stick! It makes for a new chess experience where players must now move the the pieces with more care, an exciting new chess experience.
Dragon Chess Set
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The Dragon Chess Set is one for everyone, fantasy fans, chess fans, even art fans, the dragon chess set. Reminiscent of the game of thrones this set piece's compose of a squadron of "dragon warriors" all made to fit the chess style of a king, queen, knight and bishop. The size of the pieces are the standard 2 inch, crafted in astonishing detail that only add to the grandeur. Speaking of grandeur only brings to mind the one of a kind 3-D board which depicts a medieval scene perched below a glass board, chess artistry at it's finest. A dream come true for any fan of Dragons!
The Harry Potter Chess Set
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One of the best scenes in the harry potter franchise is when ron plays chess on the the giant chessboard in harry potter and the sorcerer's stone. While this set may not be as big as the one from the movie, the pieces are taken straight from that scene. The pieces are noticeably taller than those of the average chess set, close to 6 inches in hight, they're made of plastic and rubber and the board is cardboard. What this set lacks in finesse of material it makes of for in quality of atmosphere, it brings the movie to life. The pieces may not be stone and the board may not be marble but the spirit of the movie is alive in these pieces.
Glow In The Dark Chess Set
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Compared to the previous boards, this chess set brings a more futuristic feel to the table, the glow in the dark chess set comes with your standard chess amenities, standard size pieces, including a 2-1/2 in tall king, but that's where the mediocrity ends. The board itself is standard but there's magic underneath! it sets the stage for the pieces to come alive, yes you guessed it, the pieces only light up when they're near the board. Now you can play chess in the dark and anywhere else you want, also to note: the board comes with a power adapter and it also works with 4 AA batteries.
Star Wars Chess Set
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Ever wonder what it would be like to be a jedi or a sith and explore the star wars universe? you've probably played the video games then but chess is a completely different sport, chess is a game of class and elegance, surely a video game is cool and entertaining but chess has its own charm and if you're older and have hung up the console, it may be time to pick up the chess board because star wars is now in chess form. The pieces are slightly above average size for a chessboard, about 4 inches tall, fans of the franchise will be delighted to see their favorite characters on the board, a star wars chess rendition would not be complete without vader as the black knight and han solo protection princess leia on the other side. C3P0 and R2D2 are along for the ride as well, and unlike the movies or video games, you create a new story every time you play a new game of chess, so my friend, may the force be with you.
Buddha and Monks Chess Set
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Chess has always been a game of patients, serenity, composure and discipline, one might even feel like a monk when playing chess, the buddha and monks chess set allows you to actually play with a monk. The set is magnificent to look at, the pieces are crafted with the finest "campaka wood" by the even finer crafter ketut sandi. The pieces are a bit larger than the average chess set, standing around 4 inches tall, crafted in fine detail by a master crafter of over 17 years experience, a true collectible for any appreciator of fine craftsmanship. The board itself is a true work of art, for starters the board is crafted into a table, a beautiful table with monks surrounding the outskirts. This board has something for everyone, not just admirers of fine art but admirers of chess and the way of the buddhist.
Police and Fireman Chess Set
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This sets brings a more modern/realistic feel to the chess landscape, the original chess pieces are modeled after a more medieval cast, kings, queens and knights. This set appeals to an audience that may not be into the whole dungeons and dragons feel, it brings a more monopoly feel to the table. It makes chess seem more like a game of clue than a battle of kings. Cops and Firefighters are modern heroes, it's amazing to be able to use them as chess pieces. Speaking of pieces, they are completely made of wood, about average size, the king stands about 3 inches, hand painted in amazing detail. The board is made of wood as well, a perfect gateway for fans of other board games to fans of chess.
Super Mario Chess Set
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Mario not only runs and races, he's also plays chess literally, he's on the chessboard, so is luigi, princess peach and yoshi. As you would imagine bowser is on the opposite side ready to battle. This is an amazing chess set for not only chess fans but mario fans as well, the pieces are hand painted in amazing detail, standing close to 4 inches tall. The board is standard cardboard but it's designed in the same mario world fashion. Like most of the sets on this list it brings the fantasy to reality. The quality detail of the pieces and board sets a great atmosphere for a fun and new chess experience.
Simpsons Chess Set
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If you're anything like me, the simpsons isn't exactly what comes to mind when you think about chess, for obvious reasons, the simpsons are more comedic and chess is a very serious game, i would even venture to say they are opposites, which only adds to the magnificence of this board. It manages to bring together two opposing emotions, the joy and laughter of of the simpsons, and the the mental domination of chess. It lightens the mood at the table, it's hard to stay mad when you're losing to homer. All jokes aside, it's an amazing chess set, the pieces are crafted in amazing detail, standing between 3 to 4 inches tall on standard cardboard. Fans of the show will love this set, it wholeheartedly embodies the show.
Batman Chess Set
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The batman, the dark knight is a great franchise that has been around for generations, from movies to t.v shows, the batman has conquered many frontiers, make chess another addition to that list. The batman chess set lives up to the greatness of the franchise. The pieces are made with the finest pewter, of course modeled after characters from the batman universe, batman himself, robin, batgirl, and on the opposite side you're find villains like joker and the riddler. While other sets are content with just chess piece renditions of main characters, the batman chess set goes beyond with a chessboard that's modeled after the city of gotham, it even lights up when you press the bat symbols on the side, a true chess set masterpiece, a sure collectable for any fan of the batman and any fan of chess.